Time Traveller is of indeterminate age. When he’s not living in France, he resides on the south coast of the virtual prison formerly known as Great Britain.

He is essentially apolitical with distinct libertarianism tendencies. He abhors organised thought: this will be readily apparent by reading his posts.

He has been into the future and can assure you that it is a lot colder. But at least Al Gore proves to be the mass extinction we have all been promised.

Time Traveller is a devilishly handsome, incredibly virile, witty, mega-rich superhero with an enormous intellect. He knows everything and is always right. Fortunately for your sense of worth, a deliberate crease in the space-time continuum ensures that he is rendered as ordinary, as poverty stricken and as flawed as you. But underneath.. oh yes.


6 Responses to About

  1. AHLondon says:

    Brilliant. Gotta figure out where to put you at my place. You are an enigma.

  2. AHLondon says:

    By the way, long story short, but I am a mom and expat blogger. We give out awards. Early on, before they read enough of my stuff to realize I am one of “those people”, I got one. I was supposed to pass it on. It is pink with three little cupcakes, and a cherry. It will look fab on your homepage! Actually, you’d be fresh air for that blog crew, and I do love your stuff, hence the “Cherry on Top” to you. I will send you the post next week.

  3. AHLondon says:

    Expat bloggers do not tend to have any right leaning opinions, and certainly not in public.

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