Daily Telegraph - 19 July 2011

Speaking on Radio 4’s Today Programme Sir Hugh said: “We routinely accept when we get things wrong, that is one of the great strengths of British policing.”

Sly words given that Cressida Dick – whose incompetence led to the execution of Jean Charles de Menezes – has enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks and has now replaced John Yates in charge of counter-terrorism.

Orde is tipped to replace Sir Paul Stephenson as the Metropolitan Police Commissioner. I can’t decide whether its arrogance or stupidity that qualifies him.

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2 Responses to Clueless

  1. moonrakin says:

    Gosh Hugh, you didn’t see that coming did you?

  2. Scud1 says:

    Cressida Dickend…Common Purpose trash…need we say more? Anyway TT you are now behind the curve on lefty, honourable attempts at shutting down dissent to their warped globalist agenda of ruination.
    Look into the Norwegian man that never was over at September Clues.

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