A strange togetherness, this is

Do you think there might be any link between stories like this…

Daily Telegraph - 13 July 2011

…and this?

Daily Mail - 13 July 2011








When arriving at your answer over your value pack cornflakes, you may wish to reflect on that £20,000 bonus figure: it is close to the average salary for the likes of us who foot the bill. 

You’ll probably want to admire a typical civil servant’s sense of proportion and restraint;

The Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, Dame Helen Ghosh is paid around £180,000 a year.

Earlier this year, Dame Helen defended £10,000 bonuses for her staff as “not exactly big bucks”.

You might also pause to consider the fact that the rising costs of food, fuel, energy and those hidden energy subsidies are applied to us all equally – regardless of our income and  whether we receive a bonus or not.

Finally, you may wish to ponder on the knowledge that our pampered, handsomely rewarded politicians and civil servants are so lacking in competence that they spend £1.8 billion per annum on management consultants to deliver this state of affairs.

When it comes to pain, we’re most definitely not ‘all in it together‘.






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One Response to A strange togetherness, this is

  1. A K Haart says:

    As I read this, I’m reminded of how climate scientists ‘peer-review’ each other’s papers and the way chimps groom each other. Arrested evolution.

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