Decline and Fall: No 10 in an occasional series

Daily Telegraph; 27 June 2011 Note - two days of hot weather is now a heat wave!

Is there any weather which does not cause problems for Britain’s railway ‘system’?

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3 Responses to Decline and Fall: No 10 in an occasional series

  1. AHLondon says:

    Now that you mention it, that is a damn good question. Rain, perhaps?

  2. Scud1 says:

    Just ridiculous is it not.
    On the same day (the one where the BBC obviously felt that at last- here was the evidence for AGW and we must drink plenty of water to survive) the main road to Wandsworth bridge roundabout was closed due to ‘scaffolding falling off a building’.

    Having listened to this kind of news just about every morning of the working week I really shouldn’t be so naive as to believe that some steel poles could actually be quickly gathered up and the ensuing chaos of the closure of a major London artery limited.
    Needless to say, I arrived at my destination nearly two hours late…cursing the fact that I had not taken the BBC’s advice and packed a life saving bottle of water.

    Sweated and toiled throughout the day listening to LBC, drivel chat radio to learn further that the scaffolding had fallen close to the road and not actually onto it and had done so during the night. ‘Plenty of time then’ I thought, to get those damn poles a bit further away and it’ll all be safe and sound for my journey home, 6 in the evening…err…no.

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