Bread, milk, semtex..



Time Traveller’s award for the most implausible story of the day goes to this from the Daily Telegraph. The story relates to the killing of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed at a Mogadishu road-block last week.

Mohammed was on a list of America’s ‘most wanted’ for his part in the attacks on the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. He is also implicated in a number of other attacks on the African continent but most recently has been heavily involved, allegedly, in the ongoing civil war in Somalia.

According to this earlier story, Mohammed “spoke five languages and was said to be a master of disguise, forgery and bomb making who had at least 18 aliases and masqueraded as an itinerant Islamic preacher”. Despite these masterly, impenetrable defences, he chose not to stop at a checkpoint, thus offering himself up for target practise – without availing himself of the 72 virgins special offer.

Big fail.

There appears to be no evidence that he has ever targeted sites outside Africa. And yet, apparently bolting from Mogadishu, this genius of terror had the forethought to scribble down a prosaic list of UK ‘targets’ to take with him.

As if.

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