A rare opportunity to take Huhne at his word

Earlier this week, chinless wonder Chris Huhne urged us not to take energy price rises lying down. “Hit them where it hurts”, said the sappho-dabbler. According to Mr Fangio Huhne, we should vote with our feet – much as he did when he deserted his three children.

Today, the man with seven homes has decided that poor people need to pay more tax.

Yes, those of us without a parliamentary second-home expenses account who cannot afford to live in anything other than frigidly cold and draughty squalor must pay more tax for the privilege. No matter that poverty obliges you to walk everywhere because so much of your money is being taken to pay for Huhne’s chauffeur-driven, CO2-spewing transport: no matter that you’re already paying over the odds to huddle over your single-bar electric fire; no matter that you are already paying to keep David Cameron’s in-laws’ wind turbines at a non-productive standstill: you have to pay more for being too poor to appease the gods of green.

Please form an orderly queue to hit him where it hurts.

But when taking aim, bear in mind that he’s got no balls: he’ll probably try to make his ex-wife take the punishment he’s due.

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