Do Panic!

The Daily Telegraph brings us news that thanks to downpours over the weekend, China’s drought has been alleviated and there are reasons for optimisim;

The rains will add to farmers’ hopes that they will be able to plant mid-year rice crops after early-season plantings suffered under the drought.

By contrast, the same Daily Telegraph – admittedly in the guise of Louise Gray, climate change apostle Environmental Correspondent – tells us that the downpours in the UK over the weekend are absolutely no cause for optimism, whatsoever;

The Environment Agency is having regular crisis meetings with farmers and water companies to ensure water is preserved for essential use.

A spokesman said it has been such a dry spring that the three month’s previous rainfall in 24 hours is not enough to replenish the soil. (What happened to all that snow melt?) The second-driest spring in 100 years and the warmest since 1659 has made the ground concrete hard. In some areas the soil has not been so dry for 50 years.

“To get out of where we are now, we would some substantial rain for a prolonged period. In the medium term, forecasts are for a return to dry conditions after this wet spell,” he said.

If the dry period continues, it is expected East Anglia will be declared officially in ‘drought’ and hosepipe bans will be imposed.

In fact, the apocalypse could be upon us;

Drought could also force up food prices as crops fail across Europe. It will also wipe out wildlife and fish stocks in some rivers

Is the UK being fobbed off with dry rain?

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2 Responses to Do Panic!

  1. Paul Coombes says:

    So we hit a minimum. This sort of thing happens when you have a line that meanders up and down. Not a big deal really but ot could cause issues in the short term. If I remember my RE correctly, the bible talked about feast and famine. I understood this to be an excellent lesson in storing the excess from the good years to use in the lean years. Has our wonderful government taken heed of this lesson?

  2. Aurelian says:

    “Is the UK being fobbed off with dry rain?”
    Much glee at this witty formulation. Dry rain is the welcome successor to last winter’s hot snow.

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