Down with this sort of thing..

And so the inevitable happens.

Following the furore created by Panorama’s revelations about care home abuse, we learn this from today’s Independent;

Legal protection for adults in care is to be speeded up in the wake of the abuse scandal at a residential hospital in Bristol, the Government has indicated. Details of a system of “safeguarding” boards, similar to those in place for vulnerable children, are to be published within a fortnight.

So, more rules for the front line, more handsomely-rewarded sinecures for the pampered, bureaucratic brown-nosers.

But didn’t our brave, new coalition government promise us fewer qangos and troughers? And wasn’t the problem caused by the existing troughers – who failed in their duty to protect vulnerable people from the front-liners who were breaking the rules and law we already have?

I promised myself that I wouldn’t swear on this blog. Sandi Toksvig will have to give you my unvarnished view of the political class.

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One Response to Down with this sort of thing..

  1. AHLondon says:

    I’m always dumbfounded when people assume that just because you have rules on the books people won’t do bad things. Then, when people do bad things, I am struck dumb again at the call for more rules. If rules worked, they would have worked the first time, no? The worst part of all of this is the excusable denial. Pols write up a few more regulations, good, caring people support them, and the good, caring people pat themselves on the back for being so good and caring and go on about their business. Meanwhile, the downtrodden and needy remain so. Bumper sticker politics. Take the easy action, show you care, that’s what counts, not the actual consequences.

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