Blogosphere 1 – MSM 0… again.

Our adventure in Libya bewilders me as much as our adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq have done before. On what basis do we pick our fights – why Libya but not Syria, why Iraq but not Zimbabwe?

That France should be first to stick it to Libya was equally puzzling and not entirely satisfied by the explanation that Sarkozy was trying to big-up his re-election prospects.

As usual, our useless and complicit media has failed to get to grips with the politics driving our intervention, preferring to concentrate on the blood and guts coverage that is meant to sustain Britain’s now mythical image as a world power. So while we all know that we’ve sent in Apache helicopters, we all been left to join the dots about what the purpose of our involvement is – why the Libyan rebels needed help but those in Iran did not.

This morning, though, I found an illuminating post at the The Talking Clock. It comprises three video clips from RT (formerly Russia Today) which  – for me at least – offered some potential explanation for the motivation of France, Britain and America in involving themselves in the destablising of Libya. Even if the circumstances described are purely coincidental, they throw a powerful light on just how out of control our banking system has become.

If nothing else, at least make sure that you watch the third video at The Talking Clock’s site. It only lasts about 6 minutes and it features an extremely passionate Max Keiser who, in this clip at least, demonstrates everything that our mainstream journalists should be but are not.

Unless I’m mistaken, none of our MSM has found the space to bring us this story. Not for the first time, it takes a blogger to provide we Brits with some real news.

And how ironic that real news in our allegedly free and democratic country has to be sourced from a Russian government-funded television station.


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4 Responses to Blogosphere 1 – MSM 0… again.

  1. Scud1 says:

    Proof positive (if you needed anymore) that ‘our’ politicians do not represent their respective countries.
    With their cozy and oh so useful cohorts in crime, the MSM, it’s going to take a while before the majority realise what is being perpetrated against them, but I reckon that that realisation is inevitable since the ‘perps’ are going to have to ratchet up the ridiculousness to err…obviously ridiculous levels…if they haven’t already been reached.

  2. Aurelian says:

    I thought that Max Keiser evaded the questions which were put to him, providing impassioned assertions but no evidence.

    • Hi Aurelian – Strictly speaking, I don’t disagree with that but it was Keiser’s story and his passion in telling it that sparked my interest. It’s a story that I’d not heard from our media and it seems to offer a plausible reason for our intervention. I don’t present it as definitive truth – more as a ‘why haven’t our own media told us this?’ story.
      Regards J

  3. Sebastian Weetabix says:

    Apart from the banksters – which is at the least a very interesting conspiracy theory – the French have been enraged for years over Gaddafi’s meddling in Chad and other parts of Francophone Africa, reducing their influence in the area. So we Brits are effectively fighting a small colonial war for the French. Sarkozy must be delighted.

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