BBC – news or propaganda?

At the time of writing, this lengthy BBC report about the possible source of the current outbreak of e-coli makes no mention of one detail, potentially embarrassing to the green community. In common with most media reports, the BBC – despite the wealth of other detail – omits to tell us that the implicated farm is organic.

The farm has just been provisionally cleared of any blame. Guess which detail found its way into the BBC’s 140 character tweet?





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2 Responses to BBC – news or propaganda?

  1. Scud1 says:

    The BBC won’t be happy TT until they’ve blamed and therefore ruined every single crop producer in Europe…then of course we’ll have a big problem, which in turn can only be sorted out by big government…really, really…wheely big government where sometimes I think the Common Purpose corrupted, muppet Beeboids actually see themselves as leaders in waiting.
    Ha haa! When the time comes (which is surely sooner rather than later) the only thing they’ll find themselves in charge of is camp roll call.

  2. Malaga View says:

    BBC – news or propaganda?

    Simples – State Propaganda for Sheeples.

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