Independent Political Bloggers

Dr Richard North of EU Referendum recently established a new website, Independent Political Boggers (IPB), and invited (surprise, surprise) independent political bloggers to contribute. With good reason, Richard frequently rails against the inadequacies of the mainstream media (MSM) and my original understanding of IPB’s purpose was to provide a forum where all we dissenters could come together in a united front against the lazy and unrepresentative MSM.

In the event, the blog immediately went off in a direction that Richard had not anticipated. As far as he is concerned, that is fine because IPB is a co-operative effort entirely in the hands of its contributers but he has invited us to discuss his original vision. My own contribution is here.

One commenter on my recent post about Johann Hari , Peter Tuckey – contributing as tux1952 (who has a beautiful photographic site) – said this about IPB:

I am hugely encouraged and, actually, (honest!) excited with this recent injection of energies, ideas etc into the political blogosphere (thank you Dr North)..

.. which is a sentiment with which I entirely agree. If you agree as well, please follow the link to IPB and make your views known about the best way to take Richard North’s vision forward.

And if you’re an independent political blogger, join us!

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