Stop the madness

The Climate Change Act of 2008 will surely go down as one of the most ridiculous and pernicious pieces of legislation ever enacted by a supposedly scientifically literate and developed country. It is directly responsible for pushing up energy costs and industrialising our landscape. It is encouraging wealth-making businesses to relocate elsewhere taking our jobs and income with them.  Inevitably, it will lead to power shortages and power rationing.

In order to meet the Act’s targets,  so-called smart meters are being introduced at our expense. These will have the capability of turning off our power supply at the state’s whim. Individual carbon (dioxide) budgets are under consideration which will involve state monitoring of everything we do: not only will the state decide if and when we are able to use electricity, it will limit our choice of car, how many miles we may travel and, effectively, whether we may take a holiday.

Ostensibly, the Act is about changing the climate by limiting warming. Even by the alarmists own logic (sic), Britain’s Climate Change Act will affect temperature by no more than a tiny, infinitesimal, miniscule fraction of a degree but even that won’t happen because saner countries have eschewed legislating against life-giving carbon dioxide. And even if you’re gullible enough to believe that industrial CO2 is life-threatening, you have to accept that Britain alone is not going to change anything – see here, for example.

What the Act is doing is driving ever more families into fuel poverty, already at disgraceful levels in such a rich country. And what the Act will ultimately achieve is to enslave those of us who are not rich enough to circumvent the regulations.

There is an online petition to repeal the Act. It takes less than a minute to sign up and the organisers will not bombard you with spam. Please make your objection heard and sign here. And encourage as many others as possible to do the same.

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5 Responses to Stop the madness

  1. This “madness” is not just confined to Britain. It seems that all Governments are “on side” here with the utter destruction of their very own citizens lives!
    Here in Canada in our Province of Ontario our Premier has passed the “Green Energy Act” that is driving people from their homes, ruining our rural lands and making everyone energy poor!
    On a good note, these “masters of the universe” are basically being hunted down and will be forced from their “Green Thrones” by October of this year in our Provincial Elections. The people have awakened and short of beginning a revolt they are striking back!
    Enough of this INSANITY!……….NOW!!!!!!!

    • I agree – it’s definitely not confined to Britain. We just seem to have taken it further, faster than any other country – even the EU, control freakery central, has been considerably more cautious than the UK.

      We have high hopes for Canada, though following Harper’s announcement. Here’s hoping that you get a good result in Ontario: your country may well save ours!

  2. Here in the States the Obama administration is “going it alone” by enforcing carbon caps via the Environmental Protection Agency.

    What is funny/sad is how conflicted our policies have become. We’re subsidizing the purchase of electric cars, and then implementing policies to make the fuel (electricity) prohibitvely expensive!

    • Policy is certainly being tortured by the conflicts. American Thinker had a very good article today which touched on the subject.

      And it certainly beggars belief that in order to save the earth, we are now industrialising some of its most beautiful bits that – until now – have been zealously safeguarded by (proper) environmentalists..

      • Here in the States we have (very) inexpensive subsidized home insurance for people in flood-prone areas along coasts and rivers. Unsurprisingly this has led to a boom in construction in “sensitive” areas. Yet when a libertarian Republican like Ron Paul says he wants to stop the flood insurance program, take a guess who cries bloody murder…

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