The new dark age

That was then:

In 1929, there was a great economic depression. America called in its debts with the result that Germany’s Weimar Republic, burdened with the enormous costs of its WW1 settlement, collapsed. German unemployment rose into the millions and the German currency became worthless. German pride and confidence evaporated and many began to consider the communist model of Russia.

Alarmed by what they saw, German business leaders threw money at the minority National Socialist Party. In 1928, the Nazis had 12 seats but in just 5 years their leader, Adolf Hitler, had become Chancellor. He rapidly granted himself absolute power and free of the checks and balances of democracy, set about rebuilding a new German empire through the use of propaganada and intimidation.

One of the earliest of the new Chancellor’s acts came in 1933 when he asked Ferdinand Porsche to develop a small, fast car capable of carrying five people with good fuel economy. Cheap to buy, it was described as the people’s car. Early prototypes of what was to become theVolkswagen Beetle were built by Mercedes.

Hitler believed in the pure Aryan identity and the German people, many of whom already blamed immigrants for their country’s woes, readily absorbed the notions of racial purity and Hitler’s pursuit of ‘lebensraum’.

Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals and non-Aryans generally became hate figures: they were robbed of their assets while Jews were effectively branded by the requirement to display a yellow star of David. As the tyranny developed, the so-called ‘final solution’ evolved from the realms of philosophy to become established fact when ‘enemies of the state’ were rounded up from all over Europe to be put on trains for despatch to internment camps and the gas ovens. As Churchill noted, a new dark age had settled over the continent.

Such was the nature of facsism: the ruthless pursuit and promotion of an ideology based on values that only the privileged few had worth: the Nazi ideology essentially saw general mankind as the problem. Thanks to our forbears, the 1000 year Reich lasted just 13 years. But not before it had murdered millions.

This is now:

We face the greatest economic crisis since 1929. The taxpayer has been obliged to bail out the banks and the western countries face trillions in debt. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain’s economies are in meltdown. While we haven’t yet had to resort to wheelbarrows instead of wallets, the euro is under enormous pressure. In addition, unemployment figures are extremely high (with no prospect of a significant reduction) and immigration to the eurozone continues apace. Short of crossing our fingers and hoping that inflation will sort the problem out, the only solution on offer appears to a so-called ‘green’ economy in which we are all reduced to subsistence living.

While we penalise the old capitalist model with ever more social restrictions and taxes, big business is throwing money at ‘green solutions’ and the minority of vested interests that support them. As in the great Depression, big business and politicians are pursuing their own interests, not ours. We simply pick up the bill for vast subsidies and their lavish lifestyles: in return, we face widespread poverty and energy rationing. Once again, the redistribution of wealth is being fraudulently managed to take from the bottom for the benefit of the privileged.

Despite the illusions, democracy has, once again, largely disappeared from Europe. It is said that 80% of the UK’s laws derive from Europe rather than from within our own parliamentary system and it has become increasingly obvious that all three major UK political parties occupy the same pro-Europe, left-of-centre ground. The EU is unaccountable (there have been no audited accounts in more than a decade) and a bully (as Irish voters discovered when they voted against the Lisbon Treaty). Fewer and fewer people bother to vote as even a change of party makes little discernible difference to the growing gulf between our so-called representatives and those they are meant to represent (and the gulf is physical as well as philisophical; the MEP who represents south east England lives in Spain).

Together with democracy, our freedoms are disappearing and even the one great European achievement, the Schengen Agreement that provides freedom of movement through its signature countries is on the verge of collapse.

Ostensibly, there is a change this time around as the moral panic used to justify the interference in our lives is the fraudulent global warming/climate change propaganda. If you have the good sense not to believe the propaganda, you’re a denier. If you’re a denier, you’re the enemy and you risk intimidation (try posting a sceptical view on Real Climate!). According to the rabid greens, deniers are only fit for special camps, sterilisation or even extermination. So in fact, the underlying ideology has not changed: true believers in green seek to reduce the world’s population from an expected 9 billion to 1 billion. Thus is lebensraum constructed in the 21st century.

And now, the Green Party has swept to power in the German state of Baden Wurttemberg. Many observers believe that this success has been fuelled by the anti-nuclear hysteria that settled over Germany post Fukushima and that it heralds a new far-left Germany.  Make no mistake, there is a new supremacism afoot: one of the first declarations of the Green Party’s Winfried Kretschmann after he was sworn in as Minister of State was to announce the party’s intentions to regulate the German car industry, to force it to comply with the stringent green orthodoxy:

‘If the automobile industry fails to green up, then it will not have a future’. (h/t to Pierre Gosselin @ NoTricksZone)

Unfortunately for Mercedes, it is based in Baden Wurttemberg. There is a certain irony in the fact that it now finds itself out of step with the latest manifestation of fascism.

We face another new dark age – literally. This time, though, there is no organised opposition: almost every other country in the world subscribes to the same ideology and implicitly acknowledges its anti-human subtext.

You may say that it is so improbable and so potentially barbarous that it cannot happen in a civilised world: if I’d been alive 80 years ago, I would have said and believed exactly the same thing.

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7 Responses to The new dark age

  1. History is a broken record [scratch] broken record [scratch] broken record [scratch] broken record…

  2. Chilling how this is playing out and rather mystifying why the majority of people can’t see what’s going on ….AGAIN!
    I believe it is up to us to continually inform, debate and call these “less than human” elitists “out” every time we encounter their lies and destructive behaviour. One thing we have going for “us” and I hope I can generalize here by calling “us” the group that can see the Truth, is that the people pulling the strings behind the curtain are not only “gutless”, but depraved, hollow, and most of all, lacking any true humanity!

    Like that wee little man back in day with the little moustache, he was a gutless crazy and completely dysfunctional twirp who had to hire “bullies” to make his plans realistic.

    “Our” strengths are that we represent the masses, while “they” only represent the greedy and gutless power brokers who are almost dead from old age!…..hang on folks, we will overcome!!!!

    • Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

      I am constantly amazed that so many people appear to think or care so little about the ways in which we are manipulated by the corporates, politicians and their media friends.

      But I shall cling to the hope that you right when you say that we represent the masses – I just wish more of them would speak up!

  3. My tongue is in my cheek but I’ll say this anyway. At least the die hard environmentalists tend not to have kids. Don’t want to overpopulate the earth or raise a child in such a terrible place after all. Maybe eventually they’ll go extinct like the dodo.

  4. That’s an extremely welcome thought. And presumably, it applies to the die-hard feminists as well?

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