Decline and Fall: No 6 in an occasional series

Here’s another in my little series documenting the terminal decline of once-great Britain. If you recall, this was the country that built a vast empire thanks to the intrepid, enterprising fearlessness and stiff upper lip of the British chap.

Even as politics moved inexorably on and the British Empire declined, we retained our courage and strength of character to face up to life’s risks and adversities. Undoubtedly, the propaganda machine manufactured the famous 1940s British ‘blitz spirit’ but equally undoubtedly, our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents showed remarkable fortitude in dealing with the bombing raids, the V1s, the V2s and the privations of a seemingly unwinnable war. And if you’ve seen the long and devastating opening of Steven Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan” you’ll have some small understanding of the awful nature of the D-Day landings in which hundreds of thousands of ordinary men – giants, every one – from all of the world’s great democracies faced almost certain death to secure European freedom from oppression – at least until the EU began its empire-building.

So, how on earth can we have permitted this to come about? Seriously, what is the point of bumper cars if they cannot bump into each other? That’s the b****y point isn’t it?

PS  On the subject of the tyrannical Health & Safety industry, Mrs Time Traveller swears that she was awoken this morning by the recycling lorry. No, it wasn’t the usual noise of all the glass being thrown into the back of the lorry but the lorry itself, blaring out the message “Attention, attention, the driver is engaging the handbrake”. Make up your own jokes..

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2 Responses to Decline and Fall: No 6 in an occasional series

  1. No, no, not the dinky dodgems? Surely they are not at risk?

    Here, it’s the “wiffle ball” at issue among other childhood games, in New York:

    If we didn’t laugh, we’d cry, yes? Stiff upper lip and all that.

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