A thrilling tale of derring-do..

A few days ago, in my post about jounalistic standards, I mentioned the fears being generated about the proposed 20% cut in police funding. Already, in my very short life as a blogger, I have commented on several cases of police over-reaction and heavy-handedness including the curious tale of the playground police and their fearless, judge and jury prosecution of the use of the word ‘nipples’.

Today, they have torn themselves away from fiddling with kids’ heads and gone after a bona fide adult villain. As befits such a high-level enquiry and hot pursuit, the police deployed eight officers, a helicopter, two dog units (I think that means two dogs) and five vehicles. Special Branch and a firearms unit don’t appear to have got the call but as it was, so overwhelming was this task force that the villain clearly realised that the game was up and he just strolled home, making no attempt to evade capture.

Bang to rights, criminal mastermind, Owen Gray, quickly coughed to possession of £0.49 worth of scrap electrical components removed from a local authority recycling centre (or dump, as we used to call it). He spent a night in the cells and was ordered to pay £20.00 reparation to charity. Superintendent Gary Thompson said, “We take reports of crimes in progress very seriously, as the public would expect, and allocate resources based on how many officers are available, the quality of the information received and the area we need to cover.”

It makes me proud to be British..





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