Intended consequences? A conspiracy theory*

Do you remember those golden, idealistic days when environmentalism meant saving disappearing species and habitats and rainforests? When being green was synonymous with idealism and harmony and balance?

How did it come to this? In the case of Indonesia, so-called green policies with the quixotic and misguided aim of reducing emissions of carbon dioxide (or so it is alleged) have resulted in the loss of 1.5 million hectares of rainforest – which is the only habitat of the orangutan – to produce jatropha crops for the biofuel business…  only to find that the resultant CO2 emissions are up to six times higher than for the fossil fuels they replace.

Now you know why politicians have hijacked greenery. Now you know why the current conservative party – traditionally, a party of self-interest proselytising for big business – is actually unchanged when it claims to be the greenest party ever. Dressed in the tie-dye clothes of the formerly honourable environmental movement, the right wing of the political spectrum has enjoined the promotion of corrupt science and corrupt history to gain free license to exploit the climate hysteria for profit and control.

If you’re really daft enough to believe that mankind is significantly changing the climate with industrial CO2, your best bet is to ditch bio-fuels and stick to oil.

More importantly, if you really care about the environment, do not on any account vote green.

*especially for S! (who should check out the current Unthanks tour and Polly Harvey’s ‘Let England Shake’).

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