Green(take the)peace

Good grief! Moonbat has decided that nuclear is safe(ish).

Unfortunately, he hasn’t been fully won over to the rational side; he finishes with,

“Yes, I still loathe the liars who run the nuclear industry. Yes, I would prefer to see the entire sector shut down, if there were harmless alternatives”.

He spends an entire article justifying his conversion to the nuclear cause because nuclear has proved to be relatively safe (worldwide, there have been 7 attributable deaths in the last 10 years compared to 44 deaths attributable to wind turbines + the fact that the Fukushima reactors have managed to withstand one of the largest, most devastating earthquakes/tsunamis ever recorded): he admits that energy is essential and that no energy source is without its dangers.

And then he goes and spoils the illusion of logic and rationality by reverting to greenie-propaganda-rant mode. Other than the fact that our entire world now seems to run on lies and misinformation, what has the nuclear industry been lying about? And given that George now admits that it is the safest form of energy production, why the continuing need to say that he would prefer it shut down? On the basis of his own article, it appears that nuclear has been more lied against.

By the same people who pretend that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant…

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