green: (adj) lacking sophistication or worldly experience; naive; easily duped or deceived; gullible.

In the name of weaning ourselves off ‘evil oil’ to ‘protect the environment’ and combat global warming, climate change, global climate disruption, climate challenges we’ve taken a number of questionable steps.

In Britain, we’ve introduced what must be the world’s worst recycling programme with (oil-based) bins, boxes and bags galore littering our once pristine gardens: all backed up by a system of pettyfogging regulation and swingeing fines enforced by a small army of box-tickers. Paying binmen to do what they always used to do might have been a cheaper and less confrontational solution.

Internationally, we’ve destroyed vast areas of rainforest – including the only habitat of the orang-utan – to produce palm oil for the biofuel industry.

We’ve cleared hills and mountains of trees to create the oases of steel, concrete, rare earth metals, noise pollution and bird mincers that we know as wind turbines. Here in the UK, we’ve taken total leave of our senses with a commitment to build 195,000 onshore turbines (we currently have approximately 3000) and in the process, will destroy our landscape, possibly our greatest asset. And they don’t even work when we really need them…

We’ve banned the incandescent light bulb and replaced it with the toxic compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). Not only does the CFL provide an inadequate and unpleasant light but it also appears that it is too dangerous to be handled by bin men as well as requiring an exclusion zone and breathing apparatus in the event of breakage.

(That’s enough examples – Ed)

And so it was, I experienced a moment of schadenfreude this week when I heard that Jordans and others have stopped packing their cereals in recycled cardboard. Apparently, the inks that have to be used contain mineral oil which is leeching through into the cereal and creating a health risk. Of course, this is almost certainly yet another panic to which companies like Jordans have to act disproportionately thanks to our health and safety culture…  but who would have thought it?

Recycling cardboard is dependent on a by-product of the ‘evil oil’ industry.


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